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What do you study at uni?

I’m doing a bachelor of business in international tourism management :)

Wowww what did the person you dislike most actually do to you for you to say that? :/

Haha you don’t fuck me over, because I won’t forget it.

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That's the pipe dream lol. I study though. Oh dope, I'd love to go to thailand, looks so beautiful, and the full moon parties look sick *_*. NZ would be amazing too. I'm Australian too so that doesnt impress me so much haha. I might actually post some of my go pro pics of hawaii, let me know what you think :)

What kind of music?
I loooove Thailand, it’s home :) and New Zealand is very pretty haha
Where abouts in Aus you from? :)
You went to Hawaii?! That’s awesome

0, 18, 22, 28

0. 160cm :( haha
18. Don’t really have one
22. Traveling the world!
28. Haha someone that I dislike most will most likely get a bottle to the face if I ever see them :)

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Cheers for the answers :) where in Canada would you want to live? I've only been to Vancouver (+vancouver island) and it was such a beautiful city

It’s all good :) I want to go to Toronto !